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August 5, 2013
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HMLS Duce III : Fraser Archibalt by Furihime HMLS Duce III : Fraser Archibalt by Furihime

Sorry, I remade his entire outfit. I didn't like the old one too much, I think it was too exposed and the jacket was too simple. I hope you like it :iconaawplz:

Thank you so much for my baby :iconlunallachi: who helped me revamping the application sheet :iconrubcheeksplz:

Name: Fraser Archibalt
Nickname: He is fine with anything, except… Strawberry You want to know why..? Just google it//kick :iconteheplz:
Age: 20 years old
Position: Duce
Magus Tattoo Location: His tattoo was below his left eye, he really has a problem to hide it. Usually he hides it with a BB cream, sometime a bandage
Real Life Job: Pattisier
Gender: Male
Weapon: Multiple daggers (He controls them using his telekinesis power. He can control 8-10 daggers at one time, depends on the size of the weapon)
Telekinesis : The first ability he discovered. He could influence the objects within his visual field. Sometime when he was in rage, he could influence objects a few meters around him too, but it was always unintentional.
Poison detector : He could detect any poison in any shape: gas, liquid, solid, even if it was tasteless and colorless.
Barrier : Usually he could only create a barrier for himself. He was still practicing to form a bigger barrier to protect his allies, although he could when they were in critical time.
Other ability has yet to be discovered.

Young Fraser lived in a peaceful and caring family, a wise grandfather, a thoughtful father, a loving mother, and a kind elder brother. His family ran a bakery in a small town in France where everyone knew each other well. Everything seemed so perfect for him. But suddenly one day his telekinesis ability was awaken. He was just helping his family, baking some pastries for their little shop early in the morning, when the utensils came flying to his direction. He was shocked at first, but he felt it made him special, and he couldn’t wait to tell his parents about it. But their reaction were absolutely different with what he was expecting. They were terrified and made him promised he wouldn’t use it, wouldn’t tell it to anyone, and kept it to himself. He didn’t understand, since he saw no harm of his ability. He decided not to keep his promise, and still practicing secretly. Of course, it was not very long until the whole neighborhood found out about this. They demanded the family to hand out Fraser and executed him, accused him of being a harmful wizard. When the family refused, the towns people decided to murder the whole family. Before they could kill Fraser, his grandfather, using his last will power, teleported him somewhere he was unaware of. The last thing he heard from his grandfather was that he was the chosen heir to inherit the title Duce of France, so live, gather all the magus within the country, and raise the kingdom of Magus once more. By then, he lived on his own, hiding within the society, and gathering all magus, to regain their dignity.

- Sensitive : He is very sensitive to people around him. He can sense if someone was troubled, and he will try his best to help. It’s not an ability though, just his intuition.
- Diva-ish : He nags a lot, yeah, he is a bit perfectionist after all. But inside he is a very caring person. He just likes to say it out loud when something doesn’t fit to his liking.
- Happy virus : He is very cheerful. When he is around, the atmosphere will be very bright. But sometimes it was a forced smile, since he didn’t like people worry about him.
- He can’t really control himself when he is really angry. So, don’t try anything funny.
- He's a tsun :iconteheplz:

- Insects were his enemy of life :rofl:
- He always has his earphone on, he can’t make any cakes without loud music. So call him a bit louder, will you? :iconleleleplz:

Relationship: Come on, let’s make one :iconhurrhurrplz: but no romantic feelings~
=seiryuo Xavier Clark Under construction
~lunallachi Scavendish Harvalke Fraser first saw him on TV, where he accidentally used his magic, and immediately asked him to be his Viciu. Fraser often asked him to promote his cake shop in TV so he got more customers. :iconteheplz:
~HomicidalPudding Envy Hernandez A regular customer who annoyed Fraser a lot. She liked to tease him about his height and played some pranks on him. She thought of Fraser as a little kid, although Fraser was older than her.
~Calyx-chan Lyx Dagsson Lyx often came and stared at Fraser's cake display, but he just wouldn't buy it. And Fraser, just wouldn't give him for free. How long this staring battle will last?
~KiyOpeE Magnolia Abby Hymmone Because of their same eye color, Abby thought Fraser was his long lost sibling, who was definitely a mistake.
~KarinPyong Lubomira Orage Under construction
=Fina-chizu Fran'z Pierre Hazel Riot Under construction
~AikoRu Xylo Beauvais After he joined Fraser, they became friends who played with dolls and ate cakes together.
*LuckyBlacCat Sigrún White Snow met Fraser when he was lost while travelling with Svan. Fraser let him live in their villa until they found Svan.
~kuroineko21 Alethea Dmitius Fraser met Aletch by coincidence when doing groceries. He saw Aleth with some rare fruits(?), and tried to convince her to give him the fruit.

Please tell me if I missed anyone :iconluvluvplz:

His quote of life: “Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened.”

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Nice work! I got to say is that your skills for drawing has improved. To me....I can't draw at all.....I had to ask another person to draw something for me but enough about me. You did a great job at this that....I don't have no advice to give you yet. Everything you've drawn has been perfect with no correction once so ever. :) Keep up the good work and I will keep doing this. I might even ask you to draw something for me one day. If you want to help me with it. Keep up this awesome work and have a great day to!!! So yah soon, awesome drawlier!!!
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This will be my first critique so please excuse me for mistakes //puts on formal tone

When I first saw this in my messages, I immediately clicked on it because of the amazing design. First of all, the colour palette used blends in and compliments each other really well and I like how the palette is unique I don't know about this bit but I haven't seen this colour palette... The character design is amazing it varies with people but I really like OCs with scarves... Especially bishies! and the character info is really in depth and well madeand humorous //shot

The anatomy is good from what I can seeI don't know about anatomy cuz I'm really bad at it and the posing is great at telling us about his personality. Originality is great in spite of it being an app and the impact is great as the app catches the audiences eyes. The colouring technique is amazing and makes the deviation appealing to the eyes. One thing though, the expression is a tiny bit misleadin about his personality... he kinda reminds me of a tsundere //laugh

Overall, I think this application is amazing and I can see that you must have put lots of time into this app!

Love your art by the way //shot
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Kammy-Tan Nov 24, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
He's a cutie for a 20 year old. =u=
Youkai-Meimi Nov 4, 2013  Student General Artist
By any chance is there any slots open for france?
Furihime Nov 7, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
It's full right now.. sorry.. I hope no one is quitting though :icontearplz:
Youkai-Meimi Nov 4, 2013  Student General Artist
ignore this.
amu9870 Oct 15, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
seojung Sep 17, 2013  Hobbyist
Is this a manga you are making because if it is I would like to read it! :3 (LOVE your art)
Ami-Chann Sep 14, 2013  Student Digital Artist
His so hotttttt!!~
rikurikuri Sep 11, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
nggak jadi pink lagi ya rambutnya :iconpapmingplz:
Furihime Sep 11, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Masih pink koq, base colornya kan masih sama, mungkin pengaruh shading :iconmingplz:

Fras forever pink :iconhurrplz:
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